Large Animal

  • Veterinary Assistance Program

    The Veterinary Assistance Program helps maintain a viable livestock industry by supporting large animal veterinary services in designated underserviced areas of Ontario. The program is administered by the Ministry of…

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    Food Animals and Small Ruminants

    Medical and surgical care, herd and reproductive management for all variety of food animals.

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    Equine Dentistry

    Full Dental Equilibration/Balancing and Diagnostics using a combination of power and hand tools. Dental and Oral Health Assessment/ Full dental equilibration/balancing and diagnostics using a combination of high quality power…

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    Surgical Care

    Castrations Wound Management Hernia Repair Eye Surgeries Some Dental Extractions

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    Medical Care

    Diagnosis and Management of a variety of medical ailments, including colics and respiratory disease, through the use of strong clinical diagnostic skills, access to in house laboratory diagnostics, abdominal ultrasound,…

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    Lameness Examinations and Treatments

    Portable Digital Radiography (X-ray) We can view these immediately at your farm! Portable Digital Ultrasound: Full reproductive/Tendon and Ligament/Neck and Back Class IV Therapeutic Laser

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    Coggins Testing & Export Papers

    If you are Showing your horse this season you may require a current coggins test.  Horses traveling outside of Canada, will require both a valid coggins test and valid Export…

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    Preventative Health Care

    Annual Health Monitoring/Examinations/Bloodwork Personalized vaccination and parasite control programs Mare And Foal Care, reproductive care, Pregnancy diagnosis, Pre-Breeding consultations and ultrasound. Senior Wellness Testing and specialized Senior care